Stories with Bite!

Enjoy steamy GLBTQ stories that span genres, from contemporary to paranormal to fantasy to historical!

About Me

Kiernan’s stories of gay romance envelop diverse themes and span genres. She has published with a variety of houses, and is self-publishing. To date, Kiernan has written over one hundred titles.

Kiernan also writes young adult GLBT fiction under her Dakota Chase pen name. Find Dakota Chase at

About My Books

I write mostly GLBTQ romance, stories of love conquering all adversity. Many of my books also contain humor as well as steamy romance.

In addition to romance, I also write horror stories and thrillers.

What’s New?

Chainsaw Hearts

Part of a shared world univese, this is a thrilling story of a woman who fights her way out of an abusive relationship to find unexpected love in the small Colorado town of Summit Springs.

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